Commute Options

The average American car commuter spends 54 hours in traffic each year, according to the 2019 Urban Mobility Report. We’re here to help.

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Biking & Micromobility

Cycling can be a life-changing commute option! Try incorporating it for all or some of your commute. See bike maps and information on biking throughout the state.

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On the 'Find a Carpool' page, you can search for carpool partners for recurring trips (like your daily commute) and one-time trips (like going to a concert or traveling home for spring break).



Carsharing is a service that gives members access to an automobile for short-term use, allowing users a convenient, safe, and affordable method of using a car without owning one.

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Guaranteed Ride Program

If you are a sustainable commuter, you may qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Program. When an unexpected situation arises and you need to leave work, we’ll get you to your destination for free!

HOV lane
High Occupancy Vehicles

HOV Lanes are designated highway lanes that promote carpooling and reduce traffic congestion. Using HOV lanes can save you time, money, and fuel, reduce emissions, and improve safety. 

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Long Distance Trips

Learn about your travel options for longer trips, beyond commuting. Plan a trip to get home from college, take a business trip, or to explore New York State and beyond.

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Sometimes the best commute is no commute. We can help you establish a telework plan at your worksite.

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Transit & Microtransit

Use our Transit Trip Planner to find new or better ways to get to work. Catch up on work or reading instead of stressing behind the wheel!

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Why put miles and wear on your own car when you could share your commute with five or more people in a new, comfortable van? We’ll help you navigate the process of starting a vanpool to your worksite!