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Easy travel planning and tracking for your next trip! 

The 511Mobility App features make managing travel quick and easy for both new and existing 511NY Rideshare members and access all their rideshare and trip planning tools directly from a mobile device.

Explore 511 Mobility features 

Trip planning and navigation 
Simply enter the start and end points of your trip, choose your desired mode(s) of transportation, and our Trip Planner will map out multiple route options with details like estimated cost and expected weather conditions. Then, select a route and start the live navigation, create a carpool or save a trip for later. 

Carpool management 
Join an existing carpool or create your own by sending invitations from your ridematch list. Carpool owners can indicate available seats and manage riders. Carpool members can use the app to communicate, and the trip planner will create a customized route for each pick-up.

Rideshare matching
Run a ridematch quickly and easily for any single trip or commute. Select your preferences (no smoking, no eating, etc.), and the app will match you with compatible carpool partners based on your planned route. 

Enhanced trip tracking
Measure your impact and track how your sustainable travel choices are helping to improve our environment! Log your trips (with an option to select telework) and check your metrics on the 511 Mobility app. Metrics include: C02 emissions reduced, calories burned, total miles and money saved, all on one page! 

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Mobility is free to all 511NY Rideshare members.

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