Heroes Moving Heroes

When our 511NY Rideshare team member, Modou, heard that travel nurses were struggling to get from their hotels to work at Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital, he sprang into action. He immediately reached out to our local partners at Circuit, a free on-demand electric shuttle service operating in New Rochelle, to find a way to get these heath care heroes to work safely and reliably. Circuit was originally launched by the City of New Rochelle’s Industrial Development Agency in 2019... Continue Reading AboutHeroes Moving Heroes »

511NY Rideshare Team Tours Brooklyn Navy Yard

Last week, members of the 511NY Rideshare team had the opportunity to participate in a demonstration of the self-driving shuttles at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Navy Yard is currently home to six self-driving Optimus Ride vehicles, open to both the public and employees. It has stops at Wegmans and the NYC Ferry among others and operates daily from 7:00am to 10:30pm. Ferry riders can ride the Optimus Ride for free! The vehicles can be used both on public and private roads with ... Continue Reading About511NY Rideshare Team Tours Brooklyn Navy Yard »

Reward Carpoolers Through 511NY Rideshare's Preferred Parking Program

Julien and Naomi have been carpooling since 2018, sharing the ride to their jobs at Northwell Health’s North Shore University Hospital on Long Island.When Julien commuted alone, he would often spend 15-20 minutes looking for a parking spot at work. Now that he shares the ride with Naomi, he gets that 15-20 minutes back by parking in a reserved parking space for carpoolers! “It’s a great way to park with ease, save money and have a nice commute with great conversation,” says... Continue Reading AboutReward Carpoolers Through 511NY Rideshare's Preferred Parking Program »

"But What If My Kid Gets Sick?"​

The top concerns we hear from commuters include: “What happens if my kid gets sick suddenly and I have to go pick them up?” “Sometimes I have to work late, so I cannot count on someone to wait for me.” We hear you. And you deserve a flexible option for those emergencies or unexpected situations that arise at home, at school, or elsewhere, and there’s no vehicle available at that moment to leave work.That’s where we come in. The 511NY Rideshare Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP),... Continue Reading About"But What If My Kid Gets Sick?"​ »

Why Partner With 511NY Rideshare

Eight years ago, Kathy started partnering with 511NY Rideshare to create a better environment for SUNY Farmingdale students. She worked with 511NY Rideshare to launch a commuter portal, making it easy for their students to explore sustainable commute modes, including getting matched with other students to form carpools. Kathy advises all Universities to partner with 511NY Rideshare: “It’s a no-lose situation. We invite 511NY Rideshare to come to our orientations... Continue Reading AboutWhy Partner With 511NY Rideshare »

Northwell Launches Preferred Parking

To encourage employees to make positive changes to their commutes, Northwell has partnered with 511NY Rideshare to offer preferred parking spaces to employees that carpool. Since June, Northwell has installed 22 preferred parking signs at its New Hyde Park (Long Island) locations, with plans to expand to more locations throughout the system. Through its partnership with 511NY Rideshare, Northwell employees have saved 600,000 single occupancy vehicle miles this year — ... Continue Reading AboutNorthwell Launches Preferred Parking »

Your Commute Doesn’t Need to Be a Stressor

"The best is the morning commute. I arrive at work wide awake and feeling turbocharged." - 511NY Rideshare member, Paul F. Do your employees share this sentiment about their own commutes? We know not everyone feels like Paul F. does about his bike commute. Researchers at the University of West England found that every extra minute of commute time increases strain and worsens employees' mental health. They found that "an additional 20 minutes of commuting per... Continue Reading AboutYour Commute Doesn’t Need to Be a Stressor »

511NY Rideshare and SUNY Suffolk Community College

Melanie Morris, the Assistant Director of Sustainability at Suffolk Community College has been working with 511NY Rideshare for the last five years. Through her partnership with 511NY Rideshare, she has been able to establish a comprehensive resource for students and faculty to improve their commutes. Melanie encourages other universities to do the same: "511NY Rideshare has become a household name at Suffolk County Community College. Our students and staff are... Continue Reading About511NY Rideshare and SUNY Suffolk Community College »

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