Your Commute Doesn’t Need to Be a Stressor

"The best is the morning commute. I arrive at work wide awake and feeling turbocharged." - 511NY Rideshare member, Paul F.

Do your employees share this sentiment about their own commutes? We know not everyone feels like Paul F. does about his bike commute.

Researchers at the University of West England found that every extra minute of commute time increases strain and worsens employees' mental health.

They found that "an additional 20 minutes of commuting per day has the same negative effect on job satisfaction as receiving a 19% pay cut" (

Employees with improved commutes have more time for family activities--eating dinner together, spending more time with their kids and friends, and pursuing their hobbies.

Flexible scheduling and easy commutes are often top priorities in a job search, making some potential employees more willing to take a job with less pay in favor of a better commute.

Tom C., a 511NY Rideshare member, is reaping the benefits of a stress-free sustainable commute. He sold his car and says, "Ending my day with the subway and a walk instead of sitting in traffic has really improved my mood."

Interested in implementing flexible scheduling or a commuter program at your worksite? We're happy to help. Contact us at

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