The 511NY Rideshare team and Northwell Health Human Resources team at the preferred parking ribbon cutting in New Hyde Park.

Northwell Launches Preferred Parking

Northwell Health is one of the largest employers in New York State, employing 72,000 people. The company takes pride in giving their employees every opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.

To encourage employees to make positive changes to their commutes, Northwell has partnered with 511NY Rideshare to offer preferred parking spaces to employees that carpool.

Since June, Northwell has installed 22 preferred parking signs at its New Hyde Park (Long Island) locations, with plans to expand to more locations throughout the system. Through its partnership with 511NY Rideshare, Northwell employees have saved 600,000 single occupancy vehicle miles this year — enough to get from Long Island to California 212 times.                                                                         

This reduction in driving miles saved carbon emissions equivalent to flying from the east to west coast 108 times!Northwell is determined to continue to expand the commuter resources it offers employees through its partnership with 511NY Rideshare.Interested in offering more transportation resources to your employees—or installing preferred parking signs? We’re here to help!                             

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