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511NY Rideshare works with schools to help incoming freshmen figure out the best way to get to and from campus. We work with the school faculty to analyze all available transportation options to campus and become an on-campus transportation resource for students year-round.

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Campus Partnerships 

511NY Rideshare partners with campus transportation and sustainability organizations to help campuses reduce their carbon footprint. Our team of experts can help schools:

  • Implement a campus-wide transportation program to make information on sustainable modes of transportation easy to access.
  • Launch customizable carpool widgets for students to access on the university website that matches students with carpool partners.
  • Connect with companies within the mobility industry to implement shuttles, vanpools, and bike share programs.

Interested in bringing a bike share program to your college or university? Our team is here to help. Download this file to learn more.  

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511NY Rideshare for Students

511NY Rideshare is committed to helping our community of students get around– by carpooling, taking transit, biking, or walking. Our priority is to help students find the safest and most efficient ways to get to campus!

  • Campus-only ridematching for carpools: Students can match with each other based on their home locations to commute together to campus.  
  • Transit and transportation guidance and personalized itineraries.
  • Biking and walking safety tips and local resources.
  • One-time trips / Home for the Holidays: 511NY Rideshare can match students with a one-time trip to get home for the holidays. 

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Orientations, Onsite & Virtual Events 

The 511NY Rideshare team is now available for both virtual and in-person events for campus faculty and students. Events can focus on new or modified commutes, maintaining remote productivity, bike safety, local resources, and more like: 

  • Virtual event helping students navigate biking for commuting or recreation. 
  • Safe (masked and distanced) onsite events helping students navigate their commutes. 
  • Virtual or in-person distribution of co-branded resource documents to help students navigate their commute options and surrounding areas. 
  • Resources to support distance learning, telework, or hybrid learning.
  • Virtual and in-person seasonal campaign support for events like Car Free Day, Bike Month, or Earth Month.

Take It From Our Partners

“It’s a no-lose situation. We invite 511NY Rideshare to come to our orientations and to other on-campus events so our students can learn about the program. We encourage all of our students to join 511NY Rideshare because we want them to focus on learning, rather than worrying about how they’re going to get to campus.”
- Kathy, SUNY Farmingdale 

"511NY Rideshare offers our students free information on carpooling, transit and biking. They are a great addition to our Student Activities Fairs and Earth Day Events."
- Adam, SUNY Downstate Medical School

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