United Nations General Assembly - 2023

Transportation Guide

The United Nations General Assembly, a gathering of world leaders and diplomats to discuss global issues and promote international cooperation, is set to take place this fall. Starting September 12th to the 30th, this year's meeting expects to bring travelers from across the globe to Manhattan. In turn, navigating Manhattan during this period can be challenging, but fear not—alternative transportation and the services of 511NY Rideshare are here to assist travelers in the New York City area.

How will it affect traffic in NYC?

With anticipated road closures, security measures, and an influx of visitors, driving options may be less convenient during the United Nations General Assembly. To ensure a smooth journey, 511NY Rideshare suggests the following alternatives to driving:
  • Public transportation: Utilize New York City's extensive subway network, which will remain operational during the United Nations General Assembly; avoid traffic congestion and parking hassles.
  • Considering biking, walking, and scooters: Biking, walking, and using micro mobility options like scooters present excellent solutions to circumvent congestion and road closures for those residing and working nearby.
  • Telework: Consider discussing remote work options with your manager. Working from home can mitigate travel disruptions and congestion.

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