Fresh air, exercise and a less-harried trip are the promises of biking or walking. These are great options where facilities exist and if your travel distance is manageable.

RocEasyRide provides tools and services to help you make your walk or bike to work safe, convenient and enjoyable. The Bike Buddy matching service, for example, can help you find a walking or biking partner. To sign up for Bike Buddy matching, simply check the box "Would you like to find a Bike Buddy?" in your "Ridematching Preferences" in your profile.


For more information, call 511 and say "Rideshare" to connect with 511NY Rideshare Customer Service staff (6am to 7pm M-F). 



Bicycling Resources



Download the Genesee Riverway and Trail Guide (pdf) 

Click here to see City of Rochester Bike Lockers

How to use Bicycle Racks on RTS Buses (YouTube)

DOT Bicycle Maps

Pace Bikeshare