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Commuter Spotlight

Meet Julien and Naomi, two Northwell Health employees who have been commuting together in a carpool for over a year. They save two hours per day thanks to the HOV lane on Long Island and preferred parking for carpoolers. Naomi says “It’s a great way to save money and have a nice commute with great conversation.”

Take It From a Member

  • NYC area:
    • "Instead of taking the subway from Astoria to Manhattan, I take the NYC ferry - it's the same price but so much more scenic!" - Elena P
    • "I walk over the Pulaski Bridge instead of waiting for the B32 or the G train from Greenpoint. It actually saves me time because I catch the 7 train at a spot thats closer to the city (Vernon/Jackson Ave). Plus, I get a little workout :)" - Sumiti U
    • "I take the NYC ferry from FiDi to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to get groceries at Wegmans which is only a 10-minute ferry ride vs a 27-minute subway ride." - Terence A. 
  • Long Island area:
    • "I recently took the LIRR from Great River to Babylon instead of driving. This saved me time and money because it's difficult to find parking on Main Street, especially on the weekends." - Samantha B