The bus is a community-friendly, “green,” and relatively low-cost way to get around — while you chat, read, answer emails, or just relax. Below are local transit resouces, as well as the 511NY Rideshare Transit Trip Planner.

Capital District Transportation Authority

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) is the regional mobility provider, offering over 50 public bus routes throughout the region. CDTA offers Navigator, a reloadable smart card for paying bus fares. Click here to get a card and for information on payment plans.

CDTA resources:

Make sure to check the CDTA Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.

Transit Trip Planner

The map below makes it easy to plan a route using public transportation. Enter a start location and end destination, and the map does the rest. If you want to get directions for a different time or date or if you want directions by bike, click the Show Settings icon and fill in the appropriate fields. You can even find the best route when you combine biking and public transportation. This service is currently available for CDTA routes.