Clean Air NY Helps Improve Air Quality


Re-thinking your transportation choices can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make New York's air healthier.

Become a Clean Air NY Advocate

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In New York State, 33 percent of carbon emissions are caused by vehicle travel (NYSDEC). Poor air quality can affect our health and can be especially harmful to children, the elderly and people with asthma, lung damage and other respiratory conditions.

Do Your Part: Your Choices Make A Difference!

  • Avoid unnecessary driving by taking transit, carpooling, biking or walking to work, and combining trips.
  • Refuel after dark to prevent releasing pollutants into the air that react with sunlight.
  • Don’t top off your tank. Doing so could damage your vehicle’s evaporative system or cause a hazardous leak.
  • Raise your air conditioning temperature to reduce your energy use.
  • Use environmentally safe products to avoid unhealthy vapors.
  • Maintain your vehicle to save gas.
  • Become a Clean Air NY Advocate
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