Learn about your options to improve your commute

No matter where you live, there are alternatives to driving alone. 511NY Rideshare brings you transportation resources to improve your traveling experience!

Ridesharing can be a convenient option – allowing you to save money and connect with others. 511NY Rideshare offers ridematching for carpools and vanpools, and resources for taking transit, finding park and ride lots, bicycling, walking, telework and other options.

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Transit & Bike Trip Planner & RTS

Use the trip planner below to plan your transit and/or bus trip. Simply input your start and end destination, pick a date and time, and click “Plan Trip”! You can also customize your trip under “Transit Options & Preferences”. Please Note: This map includes RTS but does not include the University of Rochester campus transportation. For more information on University of Rochester transportation, please visit the Transit page.