Transit Information

UAlbany Bus Tracker

"Don't guess, use the GPS." All UAlbany buses are equipped with GPS devices in order for passengers to obtain real-time bus information and to add a level of safety and security.

Transit Itinerary

New to public transportation? Looking for a back-up route in case your train or bus line gets temporarily closed? Don't know how you would get to work in the event of a weather emergency? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then make sure to request Transit Trip Assistance by checking the box when registering and a Transit Trip Itinerary will be emailed or mailed to you.

Transit Trip Planner with Bike Routes

Transit Trip Planner

The map below makes it easy for you to plan your route using public transportation. Simply enter your start and end destinations and our map will do the rest! If you want to get directions for a different time or date click the "Show Settings" button and edit the fields. This service is currently available for CDTA routes.

511NY Transit Trip Planner

Capital District Transportation Authority

The bus is a community-friendly, “green,” and relatively low-cost way to get around — while you chat, read, answer emails, or just relax. The Capital Moves website offers more information about transit and the Capital District Transportation Authority buses!