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We have partnered with 511NY Rideshare to bring you transportation services for improving your commute to school! Ridesharing can be a convenient, money saving travel experience. Check out all that we have to offer -- ridematching for carpools, resources and information on transit, park and ride, bicycling, and walking. 

Here, you can quickly create a profile and find travelers who have similar travel routes and patterns and with whom you can share a ride. The system also lets you easily send potential rideshare partners an e-mail or give them a call. Your profile preferences will determine who you match with and what information is shared with potential rideshare partners.

Simply log in (or create an account, if you are not yet a member) and go to the "Find a Ridematch" page to see who you could carpool with to campus, off-campus work, or special events!

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Not finding the amount of matches you expected? Try adjusting your search - increase your flexibility or adjust your filters. New members are joining every day so make sure to create an account and check back soon.

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Select a search radius around your start and destination addresses. If you select a 2 mile radius around your destination, your carpool partner's destination could be up to 2 miles from yours.

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