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SUNY Brockport Carpooling

SUNY Brockport Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is currently working hard to find a new tool to help match riders/drivers. Several premium parking spaces have been identified in various locations for participants carpooling to campus. Check out 511NY Rideshare carpooling tools below.

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Carpooling with 511NY Rideshare



You control who you carpool with: You can select preferences to filter results and you can even decide to only carpool with individuals from your organization.



Commuters can save between $400-$1,800 annually by switching to carpooling (NRDC). Plus, you may qualify for a reduction in premiums on your car insurance as a carpooler.



An improved commute means more time for family and leisure activities. Studies have shown that every extra minute of commute time increases anxiety and decreases overall life satisfaction (Office for National Statistics).



The average rush-hour commuter in New York spends an extra 74 hours in traffic each year, among the longest congestion delays in the country (2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard). Carpooling allows you to shave time off by using the HOV lane and riders can also use that time to nap, work or chat instead of stressing behind the wheel.



Carpooling just twice a week can keep 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air every year (Global Incorporated).

What Members Say about Carpooling

It is a much better experience than going by myself.

Keara R., 511NY Rideshare member