Transit & Microtransit

Ready to save time, money and stress on your commute?  Public transportation is an effective way to commute.  It helps improve mobility and reduce traffic congestion, while saving you money on gas and vehicle wear and tear.  Plus, you can catch up on work, read a book or simply sit back and relax while someone else drives.

511NY Rideshare can help you get there by providing itineraries, complete with transfer times, transit maps and schedules.  Whether you're looking for an alternate route to work, traveling to a new location or trying public transit for the first time, we can help!

Local Bus Services

For personalized assistance, call 511 and say "Rideshare".  Out-of-state travelers can call 888-GO511NY (888-465-1169), select the region (Southern Tier) and then say "Rideshare".