Commute Options-Intro

Commute Options

The average American car commuter spends 54 hours in traffic each year, according to the 2019 Urban Mobility Report. We’re here to help.

Commute Options - Carpool

On the 'Find a Carpool' page, you can search for carpool partners for recurring trips (like your daily commute) and one-time trips (like going to a concert or traveling home for spring break).

Commute Options - Vanpool

Why put miles and wear on your own car when you could share your commute with five or more people in a new, comfortable van? We’ll help you navigate the process of starting a vanpool to your worksite!

Commute Options - Transit

Use our Transit Trip Planner to find new or better ways to get to work. Catch up on work or reading instead of stressing behind the wheel!

Commute Options - Biking

Cycling can be a life-changing commute option! Try incorporating it for all or some of your commute. See bike maps and information on biking throughout the state.

Commute Options - Teleworks

Sometimes the best commute is no commute. We can help you establish a telework plan at your worksite.