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Find Your Way Around Town

Welcome to 511NY Rideshare. Use this website to expand your transportation options in the region. From buses to carpooling to bicycles, this is the ultimate resource for your mobility needs!

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Camera Feeds

Traffic Camera Feeds

I-88 at Count Station (Otego)

I-88 at Count Station (Otego)

NY 17 at Silver Lake Road (Flashing Beacon)

NY 17 at Silver Lake Road (Flashing Beacon)

NY 17 at Count Station (Roscoe)

NY 17 at Count Station (Roscoe)

NY 17 at Delaware South Residency

NY 17 at Delaware South Residency

Transportation Options

Find your transportation options

There are many transportation options available to get where you need to go around the region. Below are just a a few of the ways you can get around.

GetThere Call Center

The GetThere Call Center is a free service that provides trip planning, transportation education, and referral services to individuals in need of transportation assistance. To contact the GetThere Call Center, call 1-855-373-4040 Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm.

Take the Bus

The bus is an easy and inexpensive way to get around! Ride to your destination while you chat, read a book or magazine, answer emails, or just relax. Visit the 511NY Transit Trip Planner to check for public transit routes.


Carpooling is as easy as it sounds – it's sharing a ride with other travelers or commuters who have similar start and end locations. You can participate in carpools as a driver only, passenger only, or in alternating roles. Not only does carpooling save money, but during a transportation or weather related emergency, it may be the only way to get to work. Log in or create an account and begin ridesharing today!

Ride Your Bike

Grab your bike and get out there! Take advantage of scenic greenways or run some errands using designated bicycle routes. Take a look at statewide bicycle maps.

Community Events

Otsego County

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Photo Attribution

Top banner photo:  Ken Lund, The Leaves Are Just Beginning to Change, State Route 21, New York, CC BY-SA 2.0

Chenango County photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel, Welcome to downtown Greene, New York, CC BY-SA 4.0

Delaware County photo: Daniel Case, Downtown Margaretville, NY, CC BY-SA 3.0

Ostego County photo: Mark Goebel, iu1029, CC BY 2.0


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