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Match Me in Emergencies

Match Me in Emergencies

Emergency Ridematching

511NY Rideshare now offers the ability to only be matched in the ridematching system in the event of an emergency. Choosing this option upon registering enables you to show up on other registrants' matchlist only when there is a declared emergency event. You will not be searchable when there is not an emergency.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

An emergency event will be determined by NYSDOT and 511NY Rideshare and may describe any event that significantly hinders travel conditions, including severe weather events, transit service disruptions, construction events, or large-scale sporting events. During an emergency event, it may be easier and/or required for you to travel by sharing a ride with others.

Is Emergency Ridematching Right for Me?

Choose this option if you only want others to find you as a ridematch during an emergency. Others will not be able to find you as a ridematch during a regular rideshare search. You will still be able to use the ridematching system to find others to carpool with.

Do NOT choose this feature if you want to be matched with other registrants for regular ridematching.

Change Your Status

You may turn this feature on or off at any time by going to the Find a Carpool tab, editing a trip, and unchecking the box for Match Me in Emergencies. 


For questions, please contact Go Buffalo Niagara at or (716) 218-7806

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