Park & Ride Lots

Park & Ride lots are available across the state to help New Yorkers share rides.  Convenient locations allow commuters to park their cars near home and catch a carpool, vanpool, bus or train to work. These also are well-situated meeting spots for shopping, going to the game, and other recreational trips. Park & Ride locations are usually free and available on a "first come" basis, although occasionally permits or fees may be required (see area Park & Ride lot map for lot details). Many locations also have overnight parking in designated spaces, lighting, telephones, bicycle parking and connections to bus transit and commuter rail services.

Many Park & Ride lots are along major highways with HOV lanes, are served by express and commuter bus services, and are near commuter rail lines, such as Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road.

GOBNMC can help you determine carpool routes, pickup and drop-off times, and convenient meeting places, including park & ride lots. Call GOBNMC at 716-218-7351  or email them at


  • Centrally located near major roadways and public transit services
  • Parking is often free
  • Convenient carpool/vanpool stops

Use the map below to locate Park & Ride lots near your home or at any point along your commute. Click the  "P" for more information about available services for each lot and for directions.