grp ride

How to Take a GRP Ride


Once approved for the Hudson Valley Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP), you will receive a welcome packet that will include the terms of agreement and the Hudson Valley GRP Voucher. Make sure to print a couple copies of the voucher to have on hand in case an emergency arises.

When a qualifying emergency occurs on a day that you used an alternative commute mode (carpool, vanpool, transit, bike or walk) to get to work, choose the appropriate designated service provider and contact them to schedule your pick-up. You must have your printed and completed Hudson Valley GRP Voucher on hand to give to the service provider at the time of your pick-up. Digital copies will not be accepted. 

Each commuter has $300 in emergency rides home for any 12 month period. Your year begins on your anniversary date (the month/day you registered). When you use a voucher, the price of the ride will automatically be deducted from your allotted amount.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for more information.