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Transit and its advantage

We all know the drill: Wake up. Coffee. Sit in traffic. Repeat. Break the routine and take the stress out of your commute. Enjoy the ride on a train, bus or ferry. Or simplify your commute by biking or walking to work.

  • Catch up on work, read a book, nap or relax.
  • Get to know your neighbor, coworker, or that person you see on the bus every morning. You never know who you could meet on your commute!
  • Avoid the cost of car ownership -- and the headache of maintaining your car -- when you take transit or bike or walk.



Starting my day with the subway and a walk instead of sitting in traffic has really improved my mood.

Tom C. 511NY Rideshare Member

We can help you with

  • Customized door-to-door itineraries.
  • Access to our FREE Guaranteed Ride Program. We’ll give eligible candidates $300 a year in total ride credits* to use on a taxi, Lyft, or Uber ride to leave work in an emergency when you regularly take transit.
  • Getting pre-tax benefits through your employer – we’ll talk to them on your behalf if they don’t already offer this.

*Limits apply





" Last summer, I had to drive. I felt way more tired even though my commute took less time. I had to focus on the road, I couldn’t work while I was commuting. Now, if I want to work or nap, I can take the bus or train. "

Kristina R., 511NY Rideshare


Microtransit refers to private multi-passenger transportation services that serve passengers using dynamically generated routes, with passengers typically meeting vehicles at common pick-up/drop-off points (USDOT). 

New York State has several microtransit providers in operation, often filling the first/last-mile gap and allowing New Yorkers to connect to other transportation options.

  • CDTC FLEX in the Capital District offers on-demand microtransit with flexible routing and scheduling.
  • CircuitNR operates a free shuttle service in New Rochelle connecting downtown New Rochelle. Circuit also operates seasonal shuttles in Montauk, East Hampton, Southampton, and Williamsburg Brooklyn.
  • Via NYC provides on-demand transportation – taking multiple passengers heading in the same direction in a shared vehicle. They also provide airport and other shuttles throughout the five boroughs. 
  • Uberpool allows riders to share their ride with others along their route. 
  • Lyft allows riders to share rides with friends or other people along their route.
  • Myle allows riders to share rides with others along their route. 

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