Why Partner With 511NY Rideshare

Meet Kathy, the Senior Director of Communications at SUNY Farmingdale University.

Eight years ago, Kathy started partnering with 511NY Rideshare to create a better environment for SUNY Farmingdale students. She worked with 511NY Rideshare to launch a commuter portal, making it easy for their students to explore sustainable commute modes, including getting matched with other students to form carpools.

Kathy advises all Universities to partner with 511NY Rideshare:

“It’s a no-lose situation. We invite 511NY Rideshare to come to our orientations and to other on-campus events so our students can learn about the program. We encourage all of our students to join 511NY Rideshare because we want them to focus on learning, rather than worrying about how they’re going to get to campus.”

Interested in partnering up with 511NY Rideshare? Contact for more information!  

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