511NY Rideshare and SUNY Suffolk Community College

Melanie Morris, the Assistant Director of Sustainability at Suffolk Community College has been working with 511NY Rideshare for the last five years. Through her partnership with 511NY Rideshare, she has been able to establish a comprehensive resource for students and faculty to improve their commutes. Melanie encourages other universities to do the same:

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"511NY Rideshare has become a household name at Suffolk County Community College. Our students and staff are familiar with the team and seek them out for answers to all questions related to transportation. [The 511NY Rideshare Team] regularly attend campus events and provide a continuous education and reminder on how to reduce our environmental impacts.

SCCC is primarily a commuter campus, where single passenger vehicles are the predominant mode of transportation, making it difficult for students who do not own or operate a car to get to and from campus. 511NY Rideshare provides students a platform to come together and share rides to campus – helping us to ease traffic, crowded parking lots and lower our GHG emissions.

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There is no risk for an employer to partner with 511NY Rideshare - in our five years of working with them, Suffolk has had nothing but positive experiences. Students & Staff sign up for the program at their own leisure and can customize it to fit into their everyday schedules. They offer an affordable and environmentally friendly transportation option to students, faculty and staff."

To partner with 511NY Rideshare like SUNY Suffolk Community College and countless other respected organizations, contact us at


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