Commuter Spotlight

Mike Yeshiva University
I have biked in all weather conditions. Whether it's 90 or 9 degrees you can find me commuting by bike. I really like pushing myself and would encourage anybody thinking about biking to work to just try it!

After taking public transit to work for 7 years, Mike decided to change it up. He discovered 511NY Rideshare through the partnership with his employer, Yeshiva University, and he used our services to help him figure out what new commute would suit him best. He found the free bike map on our site and years later, he's still biking to work almost every day.
I’ve used the 511NY Rideshare program for a very important time when my niece was in a horrible accident. I actually had to take it from Hauppauge Long Island and had to go to Manhattan to the hospital. I’m grateful for the program because of that and I have been using the program for 6 years and it’s a great program and if you can get in it, I advise you to get in. – Shavonne, Widex
I carpool to reduce traffic, save on gas and to chit chat in the morning. – John, Plainview Hospital

Member Stories

"I took the shuttle from the Tarrytown train station to my office at Regeneron." – Regeneron Employee
"On car free day I rode my bike around campus and into town, it was so much fun. Also I got some good exercise!"- Freda
"My commute consists of me riding my bike throughout my campus to get to class. It's a really great way to start the day too because I love feeling the wind brush past me as I go down a hill." - Emmanuel Dominguez, Bard College
“I found [the trip tracker mobile app] useful in keeping track of how much I was helping the environment and tracking my savings.” – Socorro A., New Rochelle
“I have been with the vanpool from day one and I use it because it’s good, it’s reliable and you get to where you want to go on time.” – Peter
“I have been vanpooling for 4 years now, from Queens to Hauppauge, New York. It saves wear and tear and gas.” – Diego
I vanpool from the Bronx to Long Island. It saves me a lot of time, that's why I do it and I've been doing it for about 5 or 6 years now. Because I have kids, sometimes I need to use the Guaranteed Ride Program to get my kids when they have an emergency or they are sick. It absolutely is a convenient benefit. – Crystal, Widex
I have been vanpooling for 20 years. Our vanpool consists of people from two different companies and our commute is 48 miles each way. Vanpooling is beneficial because it saves money, provides a comfortable commute, and gives us door-to-door service. 511NY Rideshare also reimburses my ride home when I am unable to take the vanpool. - Steve

Photos of Steve's vanpool, taken 3 years apart.