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SUNY Fredonia:

Journey to Sustainable Transportation

The State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia faced a challenge: how to improve campus access for 5,000 plus students and faculty when transit options are limited, and the commuter population has varied schedules. Fredonia needed an efficient, easy, and convenient way to encourage 

drivers to share a ride to campus. Through a collaborative partnership with 511NY Rideshare, sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation, FREDride was born in 2015. 

"Working with 511NY Rideshare has enabled Fredonia to provide students, faculty, and staff with additional transportation options to meet irregular class schedules, while also helping the university meet sustainability goals and reducing parking demand." — Sarah Laurie, Sustainability Director

As an incentive to share a ride, Fredonia provides priority carpool parking permits for those who join FREDride and carpool—an added bonus for those looking to save time and avoid long parking lot walks during the cold and snowy winter months. ​


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