Trip Tracker Sweepstakes Fall

Autumn Trip Tracker Sweepstakes

Go Smart NYC is a program from NYC DOT and 511NY that aims to help New Yorkers make better local travel choices. When you sign up, you have the opportunity to record the sustainable trips you make and get personalized stats on the calories you burn, the money you save and how much you are helping the environment.

Right now we have a new Sweepstakes in effect with some great prizes. All you have to do is log one trip between now and Sunday October 29 and you will be entered to win one of the following:

  1. A hat and a t-shirt from 50 50 Skatepark as well as a free teeth whitening from Bay Dental at the Pointe;
  2. A $25 Gift Card to Paulie’s Pizzeria as well as a free teeth whitening from Bay Dental at the Pointe; or
  3. A free teeth whitening from Bay Dental at the Pointe.

Three winners will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible Go Smart NYC participants.

Remember, registered Go Smart participants can automatically get discounts at these and other great local businesses. Check out our partners page for more information
This website has lots of travel resources for transit, biking, walking, and carpooling.

If you have not completed your registration, please do so here.

If you have created an account just login on or download the Android or iPhone app and log a trip (you must have an account to be able to use the mobile app). You can record any trip you take by walking, biking, public transit, or carpool.