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Basics of Argumentative Essays: Structure and Parts

Ross Bing, modified 2 Months ago.

Basics of Argumentative Essays: Structure and Parts

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 The argumentative essay is the hallmark of academic write my essay. As you go higher in your academic studies, you tend to find the arguments advanced and more demanding. This is because your instructors want you to not only demonstrate your argumentative and writing skills but also your research, and critical thinking skills.Many students seek help from a free essay writer as they find this particular essay too difficult to handle on their own. These students can liberate themselves from this cycle of taking outside help for writing the essays, by focusing on the basics of the argumentative essay and perfecting its parts.

Structure of the argumentative essayThe argumentative essay like the traditional help me write my essay follows the same essay format: Introduction paragraph, followed by the body paragraphs, and ending with the conclusion paragraph.The introduction will give the context to the reader about the subject that is being discussed and where the argument in the essay takes off. Without this information, the readers won’t be able to orient themselves to the actual argument.

​​​​​​​It will then give the background information to the subject and finally present the main argument at the end.The main body will include the sub-arguments, each argument leading its own paragraph. Each paragraph of the main body will present the argument’s information and the background, proceed to present the evidence and examples that support the argument, while also discussing the various counter-arguments (if any ) to the essay.

Each main body paragraph concludes by telling the reader why the counters fail and by connecting the conclusion to the main argument.The conclusion should only reiterate the main points and arguments raised in the help write my essay. It should do so in light of the main argument presented at the start. The main purpose of the conclusion is to tell the reader that you have accomplished what you set out to accomplish in the essay. Parts of the essayThe introductory paragraph includes the same parts as other essays.

The essay starts with the general information and moves onto the specific essay question. The thesis statement and the thesis plan is presented at the end. The thesis will have an argument or statement that will become the central thesis or the anchor point for the essay. The essay plan will inform the reader how you plan to defend and support your main argument in the essay. 

The body paragraph will have several parts that are distinguishable and serve specific write my essay help:
  • Topic Sentence: The topic sentence will come at the beginning of the paragraph, introducing the claim or the idea that will be discussed in the essay, so that the readers can orient themselves to the discussion from the start.
  • Evidence and example: The supporting information for the claim will be presented right afterward. It is beneficial to check the information for its relevance with respect to time and subject matter. You should try to find evidence from academic sources only. 
  • Warrant: Here you will tell the reader why and how the evidence works and support the claim and in return the main argument.
  • Counter argument/s: Every good argument explores the counters to the arguments instead of shying away from them. Make sure to explore each of the salient counters to the arguments.
  • Rebuttal: Here help with my essay service providers will show why the counter/s fail to undermine your main argument.

The conclusion of the essay will consist of restating the thesis statement, enumerating the main points, and finally a final word for the reader, either regarding further research required on the subject or a call for action.

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