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iPool2 has partnered with New York State's 511NY Rideshare and the 511NY network to offer a new and improved ridematching service and a one-stop shop for traveler needs. Simply log in (or register if you are not yet a member). 

It's Better When You Ride 2gether 

You'll save money, stress and help clear the air when you carpool or ride the bus - even a couple of times a week. We make it easy with iPool2, your online source for up-to-date commuter and carpool information - plus a free ride-matching service-for anyone who lives or works in the Capital Region.

Simple to Use 

1. Register by creating a personal account and password. 
2. Enter and submit your commute information. 
3. View your potential matches instantly. A map displays all carpool matches in your neighborhood or along your designated route. 
4. Contact potential carpool partners easily via email or shared phone numbers.

Why Use iPool2? 

  • Free: There's no charge to use iPool2.org - plus you'll save money when you carpool or ride the bus instead of driving alone.
  • Fast: iPool2 displays potential carpool matches instantly.
  • Private: iPool2 lists only the e-mail or phone number you provide - no other information is revealed online.
  • Convenient: Use iPool2's park-and-ride lot finder to locate a free meeting place for your carpool.
  • Accurate: iPool2 provides bus schedules, fares and information on commuter parking.
  • Environmentally- friendly: Fewer cars on the road means less congestion and cleaner air for everyone. It's an easy way to be GREEN!
  • Always a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH): The GRH Program takes the worry out of carpooling or taking the bus because it guarantees a free ride home in the event of an emergency such as your illness, a family member's illness or unexpected overtime.

GRH Andie update

Need to use your GRH?

1. Call CDTA's Call Center at 518-482-8822 to schedule your trip.

2. Provide your name, Guaranteed Ride Home registration number, address and work location to the call taker to verify your eligibility.

Click here to learn more information. 

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