Trip Tracker

The Trip Tracker allows you to log your trips through this website or the mobile app (available in the iTunes store for Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android devices). Logging trips allows you to follow your progress and personal statistics including how much you save on fuel & maintenance and how many calories you burn by walking and biking. 

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Make sure to complete your profile before logging into the mobile app!

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You will need to register for an account in order to use the mobile app. Register for a free account here. Once registered (and if you already have a 511NY Rideshare account), open the app and use the email address and your 511NY Rideshare password to log into the mobile app. 

You will only be able to use your 511NY Rideshare account on one mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc).


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Then use your 511NY Rideshare account email address and password to log into the mobile app. Your profile information will be synced up.

How to use the Trip Tracker app